Best hair conditioner for dry and damaged hair

There are tons of hair conditioners available in the market and we all have our favorites. In this post I am going to talk to about my favorite hair conditioner that I like to call the best hair conditioner for dry and damaged hair. I will also talk a little bit about how I started using it. First lets start with my hair problems.

Hair Problems:

I have curly, dry, damaged, weak and frizzy hair. I have tried so many hair products for my hair. It is really hard for me to find a product that suits my hair, doesn’t damage them more, doesn’t increase the hair fall and doesn’t make my hair even more dry and frizzy. Therefore, I really need to use products that are chemical free and natural.

I had always heard about how body shop products are natural and they suit everyone. One day, I ended up in a body shop (shop) and I purchased many products and the Banana Truly Nourishing Conditioner was one of them. Initially, it was a little weird for me to put something in my hair that smells like bananas and looks like the banana paste. I have had such disastrous experiences with the hair products that now I always think twice before use a new product.

Then I told myself that it is from body shop and it is natural. So even if it doesn’t do anything good, it won’t harm my hair either and I went for it and used it.

banana truly nourishing hair conditioner
Banana truly nourishing hair conditioner – Body Shop

My First Impression:

Just after a first use OMG!
If I am being honest, because of having curly and dry hair that are always tangled, no matter how much I comb them, I had never been able to run my finger through my hair EVER before.
My hair felt soft and silky for the first time in my life and I was able to run fingers through my hair. I cannot explain this feeling.
This is going to be my hair conditioner for life. it is the best hair conditioner for dry and damaged hair. I highly recommend it.

My thoughts on the Body Shop:

I am very impressed with the idea and story behind the body shop, their products are natural, their products are 100% vegetarian and they are against animal testing. I am obsessed with their story and I will be talking about more products from the body shop in my future posts.

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