How I do a Perfect Winged Eyeliner!

I have struggled a lot with the winged eyeliner in the past. I tried all the different types of eyeliners to get a perfect winged eyeliner. The types of eyeliners that I have tried are liquid eyeliners with all the different types of applicators, pencil eyeliners, and gel eyeliners with every type of eyeliner brush that I could find. But nothing worked properly for me. Some of the options that did work, weren’t good enough for me, as I like a very fine, sharp, precise and thin wing.
I have done a lot of experiments to get that Winged Eyeliner and in this post, I will talk about what did and did not work for me. And how I came up with a hack to get that Perfect Wing.

Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Pencil eyeliners:

I have no idea how people can do a wing with a pencil eyeliner. Every time I tried to do an eyeliner with a pencil, I always ended up smudging and blending it with a dark eyeshadow and calling it a Smokey eye. If you are an expert in doing it and it works for you, good for you But I do not recommend pencil eyeliners for any kind of precise eyeliner look to the beginners.

Liquid Eyeliners:

I was after a lot of practice, able to get the perfect wing outline with the liquid eyeliner that had a thin brush applicator. But after the outlining when I used to try to fill in the gaps with the long thin brush applicator, I would just mess the whole thing up as I wasn’t able to handle that kind of brush for precision gap filling work. So it wasn’t a perfect option for me.

Gel Eyeliners:

Gel eyeliners worked great for precision work with the brushes. But getting a thin, sharp wing was not easy. It just wasn’t perfect enough for me. So I didn’t stop my search for the perfect winged eyeliner hack there.

My Hack for a Perfect Wing:

After all the experimentation, I finally found a hack that worked. I mixed things up and I now do my wing eyeliner with both liquid and gel eyeliner. I outline the wing with the liquid eyeliner and then go over it with a gel eyeliner to fill in the gaps with a brush. I have done this so many times and I never make a mess of my eyeliner anymore. This is my current favorite go-to routine for the eyeliner.

Products that I use for this hack:

My current favorites are the NYX Liquid Eyeliner and the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner pot that comes with a brush.

Eyeliner Video:

Here is a video where I demonstrate my Winged eyeliner hack


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